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Jul 12, 2024

Economic trends

Informing members and the professional public about current developments in the economic environment is one of the key services provided by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina.

The Department for Economic Trends and International Economic Relations continuously provides informational and analytical support to business entities – Chamber members, professional associations, domestic and foreign investors, and the professional public in their daily business activities. Through regular communication with business entities and an internal database created in cooperation with relevant institutions and the business community, the Department publishes regular economic reports and analyses on basic macroeconomic indicators of economic trends in the Republic of Serbia and the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, current trends in the international financial and commodity markets, as well as monetary and fiscal developments. A detailed overview of all types of public incentives by sectors of the economy, at the national and local level, as well as other support instruments from domestic and European funds, is also one of the highly significant materials for businesses. An overview of various investment opportunities in Vojvodina, information on foreign trade in goods, leading business figures in Vojvodina are just a part of the informational and analytical portfolio of the Department for Economic Trends and International Economic Relations.

The Department carries out its activities according to the established schedule and based on specific requests, taking into account the availability of current data, in line with the principles of accuracy and timeliness, with the aim of helping service users in understanding current economic trends and assessing their impact on the domestic economy.

The goal of the Department, as well as the entire chamber system, is to provide support to entrepreneurs and encourage more intensive economic activity in order to ensure macroeconomic stability and business security, as well as a better business and investment environment, and consequently, a more successful presence of Vojvodina entrepreneurs both domestically and in foreign markets.

The Department for Economic Trends and International Economic Relations consistently implements a quality policy and will continue to meet the needs and expectations of Chamber members and other stakeholders.

* Data source: Republic Institute for Statistics of the Republic of Serbia

Current economic trends

*All documents are in Serbian language.

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Maja Zdraveski

Head of Department for Economic Trends and International Relations

Phone: +381 21 480 3735